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Increasing Facebook likesConsistently posting relevant, useful content on Facebook is great for giving your business a professional 'digital doorstep' for impressing potential customers and clients.  But how can this great content also build Facebook 'likes'?

Here are 12 suggestions for how to use great, consistently posted content to increase 'likes' for your Facebook business page to engage followers:

1. Pin High-Performing Posts:  One of the advantages of identifying posts that are getting the most likes, is that you can showcase a high-performing post by 'pinning' it so that it is displaying at the top of your timeline.  By doing this, new visitors will be seeing the best content that your current followers have already indicated is likely relevant and useful to them, which improves the chances that these new visitors will also like this post or your page.

2. Boost Posts:  Another advantage of identifying your well-liked posts, is that Facebook makes it relatively easy and cost-effective to 'boost' a post to get your post visible to a larger target audience, drawing them in using this content that you've already discovered is relevant and useful to similar customers.

3. Utilize Facebook Ad Manager:  If your time and cost budgets will allow, you can step-up to using the Facebook 'Ad Manager' feature to do more precise customer audience targeting than you can with boosting posts.  But the idea is still the same, by first identifying which posts have content that best engages your existing followers, you can use Ad Manager to get these attractive posts to new target customers, who would be expected to also engage.

4. Promote To Your Email List:  A great way to add likes is to let your existing email contacts know that you provide content on your Facebook page, which they will find relevant and useful.  Sending out this type of email campaign is much more effective than just a plain "please follow me on Facebook!"  

5. Add Your Email List to Facebook: If you are using the Facebook Ad Manager feature, it is very easy to upload your email contact list, which the Facebook algorithms can use as they target users for seeing your ads.

6. Promote From Your Website: Of course, you will want to have a clickable Facebook icon on your website.  But to really draw in visitors, in addition, let them know that your Facebook page will give them useful reminders and tips that will save them money, time, improve safety, etc.  They will then be much more motivated to click your Facebook icon.

7. Promote From Email Signature and Marketing Materials: Similarly, if you are consistently having relevant, useful content posted on your Facebook business page, you'll want to build awareness everywhere you can, such as on your email signature and on your marketing materials.  Here again, a message such as "Helpful tips to save you time, money, and improve safety!" will get you significantly more action than just "Like my Facebook page!"

8. Use BLOG Widget:  If you are using a BLOG Widget to automatically have your Facebook post-ables added to your website, this is a great place to add a message to your website visitors that useful reminders and tips are available to them when they like your Facebook page.

9. Add Facebook 'Like' Link to Your Thank You Messages:  If you send 'thank you' messages to your customers or have a confirmation page on your website, these are fantastic places to include a message about the great, useful reminders & tips you have for them when they like your Facebook page.

10. Offer Contest Giveaways, Discounts, and Promotions:  A nice complement to relevant, useful content is to also post other useful postings such as giveaways, discounts, and special promotions for your business, that help further engage visitors.

11. Add Video:  An advantage of using a marketing automation service (such as APPLICA Solutions) to post relevant, useful, targeted content for you, is that it can free up your marketing resources to focus on activities such as creating videos that be uploaded onto Facebook.  Adding video is both attractive for engaging visitors, plus uploading native videos also helps your ratings with Facebook's algorithms.

12. Cross-Promote with Other Social Media:  And finally, if you are active on other social media platforms, you will want to let your followers there know that you have helpful and useful content for them by liking your Facebook page.

No discussion about Facebook likes would be complete without a reminder that while likes are nice, the true value of having relevant, useful content on your Facebook page can be the enhancement of your digital presence to visitors coming to evaluate your business. Seeing consistent postings of helpful content speaks volumes about your brand, and it is much more valuable to have them click to contact you, than to just click to like your post or page!

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