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APPLICA AI-powered marketing automationOnce your social media starts providing visitors with great content, the table is set for you to ring the dinner bell to shout "come and get it!" And the good news is that if you have content that has useful tips and reminders for your customers, there are then some very easy ways to attract customers and keep them engaged.


Postings of office parties and cute memes on social media may get you a bunch of likes from friends and family, but for engaging customers and building your professional brand, you'll want postings that provide on-going useful information that customers find valuable. This, in turn, both keeps you top-of-mind for referrals and repeat business, but also, provides an attractive digital doorstep for when new customers come visiting and are sizing up your business.

The explosive growth of social media platforms has made for a very crowded environment, where it is difficult to get attention just by showing up. However, when you have content that customers find useful, this provides a powerful draw for engaging customers. This then enables you to conduct various targeted campaigns to ring the dinner bell, to let people know your helpful content is available for them.

If you have just started posting useful content, the best time to begin targeted "come and get it" campaigns is after about 2-3 weeks. This is enough time for your timeline to display several vertical swipes of helpful posts for visitors, for when they either show up hoping to find if you are providing content that is useful for them, or are looking to see if you have a professional presence and seem to care about helping your customers.


When you have great content to share, there are a number of attractive ways for ringing your social media dinner bell. Some examples of these include:

BOOSTING POPULAR POSTS. An easy way to attract more visitors on Facebook, is to 'boost' your posts that have the most popular content (the ones already getting the most clicks). Boosting just takes a few steps, and you can start with a very modest budget with Facebook.

ADDING DIRECTIONAL LINKS FROM YOUR WEBSITE. Rather than just displaying a Facebook icon, entice your website visitors by letting them know the benefits of following you on Facebook. For example, if you are seeing money-saving and safety tips as your most popular posts, then you can add "Click to See Our Money-Saving and Safety Tips" onto your website.

PROMOTING WITH EMAIL. A nice email campaign can be to let people know that your Facebook postings can help them save money and improve safety (or whatever appears to be your most popular topics).

ENHANCING YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE. Similar to adding website links, another way to generate awareness of the benefits of your useful tips and reminders on Facebook, is to include a message and link in your email signature.

CROSS-PROMOTING FROM OTHER PLATFORMS OR BLOG. If you are on other social media platforms or have a BLOG, these are great places to promote the benefits of your tips and reminders, which are available by following your Facebook page.


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