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Autumn is a special time of year for the real estate business. The peak of the summer season has passed, and home listings drop as families with children want to be settled in for the school year and others want to avoid having their homes opened to buyers over the holidays.

Even with the seasonal business slowdown, the fall is actually a fantastic time to increase your marketing activities, for several reasons:

- fewer homes being listed mean more competition and the need to be more aggressive in pursuing business; and

- additional marketing investment now can pay off well through the winter and on through the coming year.

The following are some ideas for helping you to take advantage of unique marketing opportunities that are available during the fall.

Sponsoring Fall Community Events: There is no shortage of opportunities for sponsoring community events during autumn, to both gain recognition and to show your support for your local community: school fund-raisings; clothing or canned food drives; Veteran's Day events (Nov 11); local football and soccer teams; Halloween events; and Thanksgiving charity food pantries. If financial support for these events is not in your budget, you can still consider participating by volunteering your time.

Fall Beverages: A special aspect of autumn is the seasonal beverages that help give the fall it's unique character. Pumpkin spice latte, mulled cider, and hot cocoa to name a few. Sending out $5 gift cards to your targeted contacts can be a great way to strengthen connections during the autumn season.

Garage and Estate Sales: Homes that are having garage or estate sales during the fall could be early indicators of their plans to list for sale in the spring. So agents who connect with these owners can get the jump on the competition. And if you are an inspector, letting your favorite agents know about these homes will surely be appreciated.

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards: Rather than getting lost in a flood of December holiday cards, sending good wishes for Thanksgiving can be a nice touch point.

Adding a Holiday Recipe to your eNewsletter: If you are sending eNewsletters to stay top-of-mind with your sphere of influence (which hopefully you are), attaching a recipe for a seasonal holiday delight can be a welcomed extra by your contacts.

Autumn Home Care Reminders & Tips: And finally, the fall is a very important time for home maintenance. So providing your contacts with reminders & tips that help them protect their homes from the stress of the upcoming winter season is always appreciated. And of course, if you are using the Home-Wizard interactive eNewsletter for your clients, these reminders & tips will be personalized for each of your subscribers' unique home and goals.

Hopefully this past summer was successful for you, and the above fall marketing tips will help you continue the momentum and position you for even better success next year!


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