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uploading video to facebookIf you only have limited time or resources for posting on social media, you should consider adding videos to your Facebook business page. Your videos, for example, can include selfies, customer/ client testimonials, day-in-the-life events or activities, or professionally-produced advertisements.

The most important aspect of engaging followers on social media is to be providing on-going useful content. Assuming you have this well covered, this gives you the freedom to feather in high value promotional content, and video is a great way to do this.


There are significant benefits for taking the time to add in videos to your Facebook business page.

Engagement: By its visual nature, videos draw and keep viewer attention. Rather than expecting them to read an article or long posting, a video can deliver the message in a compelling style that is lively and engaging.

Facebook Algorithms: Facebook uses algorithms to determine what to display in each user's News Feed. Because videos tend to be more engaging, they carry more weight in the Facebook algorithms. So adding videos to your Facebook business page can get your Facebook rankings up.

Return on Investment: After you have solved getting your Facebook business page looking professional and robust by providing cost-effective, on-going useful content, you can then focus on getting a high return on investment by allocating a limited amount of resources to posting videos.


The following are some considerations for getting the most out of your video postings on Facebook.

Make Square: 92% of Facebook users view Facebook on mobile devices. And for mobile devices, a square format video is the most efficient use of the available Facebook display space. 

Upload Native: Rather than putting a link to a YouTube video, it is much better to upload your videos directly into Facebook. Native videos generate significantly more engagement and are much more likely to be shared.

Catch Attention Quickly: Ideally you will want to engage viewers in the first several seconds of your video. So you will want a catchy title and compelling visuals right up front.

Add Captions: Many Facebook users have the sound turned off, so you will want to be sure that your video gets its message across even without audio being played. Adding captions to your video takes care of this, plus it enhances the impact of your message for when the sound is turned on.

Include Call-To-Action: You will want to consider what action you want the viewer to take as a result of seeing the video, and then indicate very clearly to the viewer how they can take this action. For example, if you want the viewer to go to your webpage to learn more, the end of your video should display the URL for this webpage.


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