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Applica Solutions announced today that its 'Home Wizard' client engagement solution for real estate professionals has begun to provide rewards to help motivate the professional's clients to complete their monthly recommended home care tasks. Home Wizard users can now earn points for completing their home care tasks, which can be redeemed for special deals from popular stores and restaurants.  And by uploading pictures from doing their tasks, users become eligible to win cash gift cards.

Home Wizard uses complex algorithms and a database of over 27,000 home care tasks, tips, and home improvement suggestions to calculate a highly personalized ideal home care program for each user's particular home and goals. Completing their monthly recommended tasks that achieve their personal goals is usually motivation enough for the user. But to give additional incentive for completing monthly home care tasks, Home Wizard now gives users rewards for doing their tasks. And increased motivation by users translates into increased client engagement for real estate professionals and companies who offer Home Wizard to their clients.

"In my time using Home Wizard as a marketing tool with my real estate clients, I've seen an approximately 52% increase in email open rates. The feedback I'm getting from my clients is that Home Wizard is extremely helpful because it allows them to keep track of things they tend to forget, such as reversing their ceiling fans in the winter. I love it because past clients are actually thanking me for my monthly emails instead of deleting them! It's even resulted in a referral because a client that used it asked if I could send her sister the app. Turns out the sister was in the market for a second home and was impressed by my 'care for my clients after the sale was over.' Home Wizard is one of the best marketing tools that I've seen results with," says Laura N. Smith, a Realtor since 2011.

The Home Wizard eNewsletter and mobile app is an essential marketing tool for Realtors, home inspectors, home contractors, and builders who want to drive engagement with their sphere of influence. Real estate professionals provide their current and prospective clients with the Home Wizard interactive eNewsletter and mobile app, which is branded with their name, picture, logo, contact information, personal messaging, and more. As a client engagement solution, Home Wizard enables professionals to keep in on-going contact with clients by giving their clients value-added content. This value-added interaction ensures that the home professional stays top of mind with their clients, which earns them referrals and repeat business. Since 2007, Home Wizard has provided measurable success to home professionals who strive to increase engagement with their network.

About Applica Solutions

Applica Solutions ( develops customer loyalty solutions which combine data sciences, behavioral economics and emerging technologies. At Applica's core are skills for developing complex algorithms which drive innovative customer engagement solutions. Founded in 1998, Applica focuses on three industry verticals: Real Estate; Pet Care; and Retailing.

About Home Wizard

Home Wizard ( is a web and mobile application that creates a highly personalized home care program for each user based on their type of home, specific home features, local climate, knowledge level, goals and priorities. Since 2007, using Home Wizard has helped Realtors, home inspectors, and other home professionals to increase engagement with their clients and to build their personal brands.


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