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MARKETING AUTOMATION for Realtors, Home Inspectors, and Contractors.

APPLICA / Home Wizard is a multi-channel marketing automation tool, that connects you with clients and prospects across multiple platforms:

  • interactive eNewsletter
  • social media postings
  • custom branded mobile app
  • selfie videos
  • and website SEO enhancers
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generates leads
builds personal brand
saves time & money

Benefits of APPLICA / Home Wizard

From a review of APPLICA / Home Wizard in FLORIDA REALTOR MAGAZINE:

"Home Wizard saves me time and allows me to get my message out and stay active and engaged" says Laura Russell, Charles Rutenberg Realty.  read article >

"Applica's Home-Wizard tools are a valuable resource that demonstrates to my clients that I care about them and that I have the competence to know what type of resources matter in helping with their real estate portfolio," according to Jeff Wiren of RE/MAX Equity Group.

"The content is great and very useful, and is not cluttered with annoying ads or popups. The best part is I don't have to develop the content, which is a huge time saver for me. There is no doubt that CRM tools like Home-Wizard are effective and bring in new and repeat business. Overall my experience and those of the users have been positive, and it has been well received by most. Using Home-Wizard has helped brand my business, increase the recognition of my brand (logo), and has brought in new and repeat business," says Ken Brittain of Home Vue Inspectionsread more >

If you are a . . .

Real estate agent
keeps you top of mind with your sphere of influence!
Home inspector
the version for home inspectors enables you to have separate eNewsletters and mobile apps for your homeowner and real estate agent contacts!
reminds your customers when its time for your services, and helps generate referrals!
shows your customers that you really care about helping them to take care of their new home!
Home improvement retailer
increases your sales by displaying personalized helpful product suggestions (with links to your online products) for each customer's personalized reminders & tips!
  • You can now have home care tips, articles and videos posted to Facebook for you . . . at no additional cost.
  • eNewsletter now allows you to include selfie videos (like BombBomb) . . . at no additional cost.
  • For Home Inspectors, you can now integrate directly with your ISN software . . . at no additional cost. ISN press release >

How It Works

Home Wizard uses artificial intelligence and a database of over 27,000 home care tasks, tips, and home improvement suggestions to calculate a highly personalized ideal home care program for each user's particular home and goals.  And gives users rewards for completing their recommended home care tasks.

  • keeps you top of mind with your sphere of influence
  • enhances your brand by helping your clients to care for their home beyond the transaction
  • gives you value-added content for your social media, website, marketing materials, etc.

generates leads & sales,
and saves you time

APPLICA / Home Wizard's marketing automation tools include . . .

  • Interactive eNewsletter that provides clients with monthly, highly personalized home care reminders & tips for their particular home and goals.
  • Social Media posts of home care tips for you on your Facebook pages.
  • Custom Branded Mobile App that keeps you top-of-mind with your clients and prospects.
  • Web SEO Enhancers that update with tips of the day, articles, videos and more.
  • Selfie Video Uploader so that you can easily add videos to your monthly eNewsletters.
  • Closing Gift PDFs of customized flyers, brochures and post cards, for giving your branded mobile app as a closing gifts to clients and prospects.
  • 'My Recommended Contractors' section that allows you to share your local knowledge and recommendations.
  • . . . and more!

What existing users and clients are saying . . .


  • $39/month or save 15% with $399 annual rate.
  • unlimited eNewsletters
  • unlimited mobile app downloads
  • NO additional fees for social media post-ables or web SEO enhancers
  • NO setup fees
  • NEW! Post-ables Only for $98/year see >