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Intelli-Touch Dashboard for REALTORS

Imagine if you could provide your clients with something that:

  • - gave them personalized home care reminders & tips.
  • - kept an organized history of everything they did for their home.

Imagine if you knew exactly when your clients needed items like filters or contractor recommendations,
and would welcome being contacted by you for these.

Imagine how much your clients would appreciate this and how this would generate referrals and listings!

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  • Each of your clients gets a web-based HOME-WIZARD Personal Home Manager that has your branding and contact info.
  • Every month your clients get notifications with their personalized home care reminders & tips, shown sent by you and with your branding and messages.
  • Your APPLICA Intelli-Touch Dashboard analyzes all of your clients' HOME-WIZARD Personal Home Managers and identifies for you:
    1. monthly touch opportunities to support their personalized home care needs with helpful gifts, such as filters, kits, etc.
    2. monthly touch opportunities to support their personalized home care needs with helpful contractor recommendations.
    3. insights into which of your clients are showing pre-listing indications.
  • Helping your clients take care of their home with valuable, timely touches keeps you top-of-mind and builds trust.


  • Dashboard:
    1. Touch Opportunities: Your custom-branded HOME-WIZARD Personal Home Manager from APPLICA gives each of your clients monthly personalized home care tasks, tips, and home improvement suggestions for their particular home and their specific goals for their home.
      Your Intelli-Touch Dashboard shows you which of your clients are getting reminders for filters, batteries, supplies, etc., which are opportunities for you to give as gifts to create attractive touch points with these clients. In addition, your dashboard shows which clients are getting reminders for tasks that require contractors, so that you can create touch points by pro-actively offering them contractor suggestions.
    2. Pre-Listing Opportunities: Your Intelli-Touch Dashboard can be set to provide you with indications for which clients may be in the early stages of considering listing their house, based on their click activities on articles and contractors suggestions from their Personal Home Manager monthly notifications.
    3. Auto-Touch: You can also set your Dashboard to automatically touch clients based on dynamic triggers and content that you can set.
  • CRM Sync: Your subscriber list can automatically be synchronized to your CRM system via Zapier.
  • Co-Branding: You can build your subscriber list by co-branding your HOME-WIZARD Personal Home Manager notices with contractors, mortgage professionals, etc.


  • Creates attractive client touch points and gives early indications of potential listing opportunities.
  • Keeps you top-of-mind with your clients.
  • Personal Home Manager makes a nice closing gift.
  • Adding subscribers from co-branders exponentially expands your sphere of influence.


  • Keeps contractors top-of-mind with their clients.
  • Reminders & tips can stimulate demand for their services.
  • Co-brander gets the service for a fraction of the cost.

REVIEWS OF APPLICA Solutions Five-Star-Review

Black Friday Special Sign up by Dec. 10 Save $50!


  • $290/month, or $2900 annually saves $580. One-time initial setup fee of $249.
  • Co-brander's pricing is $29/month, or $290 annually saves $58.


  • You receive 10% of co-branding payments.
  • Reduces your subscription cost.

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