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Intelligent Marketing Automation

WHO IS Intelli-Touch™ FOR?

  • Intelli-Touch™ is for real estate agents who want to grow their business year-over-year.

  • Who recognize the power of technology innovation to give them a competitive edge over other agents.

  • And who are committed to building client relationships, instead of merely hit-it-and-quit-it.


  • Intelligent marketing automation will save you time and effort by applying predictive analytics, machine learning, personalization algorithms, and automated email processing.

  • Increasing touches is key to engaging real estate clients, but touches must be highly valuable to the client.

  • Touching a client to help them care for their home is 1000 times more valuable than sending them a birthday card.


KEY FEATURES OF Intelli-Touch™

  • Attracts new and existing clients by giving them your custom-branded Home-Wizard™ automated home advisor.

  • Engages clients with monthly personalized home care reminders & tips, plus an online digital diary.

  • Nurtures clients by using predictive analytics to identify which clients are the most likely prospects for listing their home.

  • Plus, creates welcomed touch opportunities that enable you to provide target clients with timely contractor suggestions and needed home care accessories.

MORE ABOUT Intelli-Touch™


Jeff Wiren RE/MAX Equity Group

APPLICA's Home-Wizard tools are a valuable resource that demonstrates to my clients that I care about them and that I have the competence . . . read more > to know what type of resources matter in helping with their real estate portfolio. From my experience, Home-Wizard has the great benefit of letting the customer customize the experience based on their home and their needs. This is critical because people don't want to make time for information that is useless to them.

Sarah Staron Valley Building Inspections

I would highly recommend APPLICA. We are very happy with the results and get great feedback from clients.

Ken Brittain Home Vue Inspection Services

The content is great and very useful. There is no doubt that CRM tools like Home-Wizard are effective and bring in new and repeat business . . . read more > . Overall my experience and those of the users have been positive, and it has been well received. Using Home-Wizard has helped brand my business, increase the recognition of my brand (logo), and has brought in new and repeat business,


  • $290/month for monthly.

  • Or $242/month for annual.

  • One-time initial setup fee of $249.


  • Costs significantly less than leads from Zillow, Trulia, or

  • Builds your brand better than birthday cards, mailers, sponsoring events, etc.

  • More cost effective than networking, advertising, SEO, etc.

  • No additional fees as you add more clients.